2019 Spring Fling Fun Meet

Saturday, June 1st and Sunday, June 2nd

Perpetual Motion’s Spring Fling Fun Meet is here again! PM’s annual spring meet is a great opportunity for your child to experience a gymnastics competition.

What do we do at Spring Fling?

The meet will start with a short group warm-up. After the warm-up , the gymnasts will divide up into 4 different groups. Each student gets a chance to “warm-up” (practice) each routine that he/she will perform. After warm-ups, the real competition will begin with the playing of the National Anthem, with all the athletes lined up ready for competition. After they compete on each event, they will receive a ribbon. When everyone is finished with their competition, it will be time for the awards! At this time, each student will receive a medal and certificate and be recognized individually. It will be a great time to bring grandparents, friends and relatives to see what your kids have accomplished. Cameras and video recorders are welcome.

Our staff would like to encourage everyone to take part in this fun meet. This is a special event for all of our students and staff. We all have a great time and finish the weekend with huge smiles on our faces. If you have any questions about this fun meet, please feel free to contact the front desk at Perpetual Motion at 651-459- 5837.

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PMG leotards are available for purchase on the clothing rack near the desk.

Looking for a little more time to prepare for Spring Fling? Check out our Spring Fling Open Gyms!