Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should my child wear to a gymnastics class?
A: Girls should wear a leo and shorts or T-shirt (no bare midriffs) and shorts with bare feet.  Hair should be tied back.  No necklaces. No tights.  Post type ear rings only, absolutely no hoops.  Boy should wear T-shirt (no bare midriffs) and shorts, no socks.  Clothing that restricts movement should be avoided.  Absolutely no Gum!

Q: How do we know if you close due to weather.
A:  We are unable to base our closings on a school district’s schedule due to the various districts our students attend. Check our FACEBOOK status or an email you will receive if you have joined our email list. We also will update our website with information regarding closings.

Q: How do I register?
A: Simply click here to register online, or call the location you are interested in and the front desk staff will help.  You may also stop by any location.  View current schedules

Q: Do you allow make ups?
A: We offer one make up class per month. The make up class must be scheduled with the front desk.

Q: How do I pay for classes?
A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover along with checks and Cash.  Tuition must be received in order to guarantee your child’s enrollment in class.

Q: My child took some time off, what class should she/he register for?
A: Register for the same level he or she last participated in.  If you are still unsure, we will do an evaluation to make sure your child is placed in the appropriate class.

Q: Can I switch class times in the middle of a month?
A: You may switch providing there is room in the other class.

Q: What if my child is late to class?
A: Being on time is very important.  However, we also understand you busy life and will accept your child into class.  We will instruct her to do some basic stretching and then add her into class at the next possible safe situation.

Q: Are parents allowed out on the floor during class?
A: No, purely and simply due to safety reasons.  We make every attempt to run an open, parent-friendly environment.  Our teachers are available before and after classes.  We ask all parents to follow our “No Floor Access” policy to ensure the safety of others.

Q: Can I bring an older sibling to a tiny twister class?
A: Older siblings are welcome in our facilities.  However, due to safety concerns, they are not allowed out in the gym while classes are being conducted.   Please bring things for them to do while they wait for class to finish.

Q: Can I request an instructor?
A: You may, but we cannot guarantee any instructors schedule.  We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Q: Do you offer private lessons?
A: Yes, our instructors can do private lessons. Contact our office to request private lessons and our Office Manager will get in touch with you to set them up. If you have a specific coach you would like to work with let us know, otherwise we can assign a coach to you.