New Enrollment Process and Fall Registration Open July 18th!

Hello PMG Families,

Fall Registration will be open on Monday July 18th! We are excited to announce we are updating our registration procedures to simplify the process. Starting in September we will be switching to a monthly billing schedule. We have also eliminated all of our annual family registration fees!

Why are we moving to ongoing enrollment?

We believe ongoing enrollment with monthly billing will allow for students to continue to build their gymnastics skills throughout the year and allow for more efficient quarterly testing. We also believe this will offer a smoother registration process throughout the year. The nature of classes and coaching will be consistent; this change is primarily to allow for smoother registration for students and their families.

How does ongoing enrollment work? How will drop requests be handled?

Enrollment will be ongoing and billed monthly. Enrollments will end when a drop request is submitted via the iClass Parent Portal on our website prior to the 20th of the month or you notify us via email ([email protected]) to drop Prior to the 20th of the month. All drops occur at the end of the month. The student’s last class date will be the last class in the current month.  

How will skills be assessed and opportunities for the next level?

Recreational and Ninja Students are assessed on an ongoing basis with the ability to move up as skill requirements are mastered. Quarterly skill testing is conducted with progress reports available online and sent home with each gymnast. Students and parents will be notified by their coach when ready to move to the next class level. We will continue to evolve our class offerings as there is demand for advancement throughout the year.

What if we need to transfer classes?

Students can easily transfer classes via a request submitted through the  iClass Parent Portal to officially enroll/transfer to the next appropriate level class or to switch to a different class day/time in the same level.