Fall 2021 COVID Update

Beginning 9/7/2021 masks will be required for everyone inside the building ages 5 and up

Dear Perpetual Motion Families,

With many schools adopting mask policies for the start of the school year, we will be following suit as we did last year for ages 5 and up, including staff and parents.  We will have flexibility for the students to remove or pull down their masks whenever they feel necessary during gymnastics elements and routines. 

We understand this issue is complex with differing ideas and opinions.  We simply feel that erring on the side of caution makes the most sense at this time.  Last October and November were extremely difficult to staff our classes with the amount of quarantine as a result of cases of close contact or positive cases within our staff and students.  As with most businesses right now, staffing is extremely tight. We are doing our best as a business dealing with children for the most part – probably 90% – who cannot be vaccinated, to do the right thing.  We know when school starts, we leave our safe pods and are exposed to many more people.  We want and need to do everything we can to keep our doors open and to provide a safe environment for you and your children.  

This policy protects our staff and students from being required to quarantine in cases of close contact which allows us and the kiddos to continue to do what we love.  We will of course see how things progress and are open to modifying this policy in the future if cases do not rise once school is back in session.

We thank you for understanding.

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